Kitchari As First Solids For Babies

Enjoy a quick video I took this morning with my grandson Remy, for whom I have been making kitchari now for about 5 months. When the time came to begin introducing solids to his diet, I really wanted to avoid the traditional boxed cereals that one usually buys. Kitchari is often called the worl'd perfect food, and I wanted my grandson to have some more protein in his diet when we introduced solids rather than empty carbs. Here's a detail of everything that I put into the kitchari (which is just mung dahl beans and white basmati rice which can easily be found in Whole Foods if you dont have access to an Indian market or my favorite online site for my mung dahl and ghee is SVAyurveda). Of course, as with any dietary questions about your baby please consult your pediatrician first!).