Ginger Nectar Recipe

So here is the Ginger Nectar Recipe as promised.  This is a potent tonic to help your digestion.  Ginger has a pungent and sweet quality to the taste and it is heating.  It is wonderful for bloating, upset stomach, sluggish circulation and is a carminative.  






Ginger supports heart healthy and generally benefits the cardiovascular system.  It is truly “medicine in a jar”  It helps the stomach by producing a gastric acid to make digestion easier.  (Heating-Pitta do not use in excess).

Lemon helps to stimulate the appetite and promotes healthy digestion.  It is antibacterial so it helps to reduce disease.  Lemon can ease bloating and stimulate the fire in the belly. (Heating-Pitta do not use in excess )








Honey is sweet and astringent and is beneficial to digestion amongst so many other qualities.  Honey is able to benefit and nourish the deepest tissues.  (Astringent quality-Vata do not use in excess).

I use my Ginger Shots about 30 minutes before every meal.   In the summer I tend not to need it as much but in the winter I find it helps my immune system tremendously as my digestion is so much better.


.  Fresh Ginger Root

.  Lemons

.  Raw Honey

Combine equal parts of fresh squeezed lemon and ginger juice.  Stir in the raw honey to taste.  An example would be ½ cup each of lemon and ginger juice then add in approximately ¼ cup of honey.   Keep refrigerated and stir or shake well before taking so as to blend honey back in that has settled to bottom of the jar.

To make the ginger juice, I peel the ginger then grate it.  I take the gratings and place them in cheese cloth and squeeze out the juice. I then squeeze the lemons and add the honey. It really has a nice kick, but be sure to only take a shot at a time as it is very heating and producing too much fire in the belly is not good either.  Balance, Balance, Balance.