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Maha Bhutas

Akasha    Vayu    Tejas     Apas     Prithvi

Space        Air        Fire      Water   Earth


The season is changing, just look to nature to remind you.  If I can borrow the words of Ram Dass, “Be Here Now”. 

This tree is present in the now.  It is not worried if it is an oak or an elm, if it is day or night.   It is fulfilling its dharma and because of that it can share its magnificence; sometimes quietly with no leaves and sometimes majestically as now.

But always, always perfectly for this tree.

Akasha holds this tree gently for the story to take place.  Vayu begins to shake its leaves in a slightly different pattern that signals a change is about to come.  Tejas takes that friction that Vayu can create because of Akasha and cooks up a perfect stew of leaf colors from greens to yellows, oranges and reds.  Apas gives the correct amount of nourishment for life to continue through this signal of change.  Prithvi then takes all these elements and makes a beautiful bed of rich soil and leaves upon which to rest the roots of the tree until it is time to awaken again.

In gratitude to the Maha Bhutas and this tree on Kripalu soil for its gentle reminder of how to exhale with grace.