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Ayurveda and it's practices can be remarkable for your health, wellness, and happiness. This blog is updated with ayurvedic techniques and lifestyle tips. 

Be Your Breast Friend

I was fortunate enough to assist Dr. Claudia Welch's "Wisdom for Women's Health" workshop at Kripalu in MA this past weekend.  She's an incredible mentor and I urge any of you to learn more about her and her workshops on her website HERE. There were many things to "take away" but the one I would like to share with you today is on massage and breast health.  The breasts in Ayurveda are associated with our rasa and meda dhatus (plasma and fatty tissues) and our lymphatic drainage system.  In order to help prevent stagnation we want to massage our breasts daily.  Banyan Botanicals has a wonderful chart on breast massage and the many benefits it offers (see link below).  I usually recommend applying sesame or castor oil when massaging but please check with your health practitioner first if you have any questions.

As always, if your are pregnant or nursing please consult with your doctor first. Below is a link to more information from Banyan Botanicals click HERE.