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Ayurveda and it's practices can be remarkable for your health, wellness, and happiness. This blog is updated with ayurvedic techniques and lifestyle tips. 

Ready. Set. Move.

Happy first day of spring everyone!

Yes, I said move.  But move consciously.  The weather is about to warm up (I swear it) and the bitter herbs are starting to bud under the snow.  Follow the instincts of the animals; watch the deers as they nibble.  Start adding bitter herbs and veggies to your diet now to dry up any excess mucus that you might have accumulated during this cold winter.  Think of the snow melting (all that snow) into the grass and earth around you.  Notice how when the earth cannot absorb anymore there will be puddles and mush all over.  Same things happen in your body during this dry, cold, windy season we are leaving.

Time to move that body!

Time to move that body!

So begin as always with diet and lifestyle.  Drink lots of warm water and lemon (especially in the AM before eating anything) and continue or start to add CCF tea (cumin, coriander and fennel).  It is a wonderful tea for digestion and I like to add ginger as well.  It is all about keeping the agni (digestive fires flamed).  The GI tract and the sinus cavities can get sluggish and heavy if the digestive fires are not strong enough to "cook" the excess mucus. Just as the sun can help to dry up all the excess water on the earth, a strong digestion can help to eliminate toxins and mucus in the body. 

Get outside more now that the clocks have been set ahead and continue your walking or running outdoors.  In other words, get out into nature, even if you live in the big city. Get out and move. Take advantage of the extra hours of daylight.

Remember that it is in the silence that we can hear the whispers of our souls.  Take time to meditate and check in daily with your senses.  Notice each day what feels good and start from there.  Set your intention and follow your heart into this beautiful new season of rebirth.

But most of all remember that there is nothing to fix as you are connected to the supreme source and therefore you are already perfect. You are born eternal, infinite and whole.  All you have to do is get quiet inside and listen to your soul, your consciousness.  Know that you are loved and let that knowledge guide you as you bloom like a rose into the Spring of 2015.

READY, SET, MOVE and one more thing, let go and love yourself up.


Shake off that winter coat!

Shake off that winter coat!